FREE - Clog to REC709 Base LUT

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FREE Canon LOG to REC709 - LUT

This is the Canon provided LUT (.cube file) I recommend as a *base grade for EOS R, 5D Mark IV and CINE line camera Clog footage.

To step it up to my Cinematic Vlog Look then check out my CINE VLOG LUT for sale for just 4.97AUD (That's less than 3.50 USD) for the single LUT and only 8.97AUD for a full preset file and included instructions to get it working in either Premiere Pro CC or DaVinci Resolve. The presets give you much more flexibity to tweak the LUT to.your desired look after you apply it.

*Note: Working with this LUT requires that you have shot and exposed correctly for cLOG on Your specific camera with the same or similar settings as listed in my video. N.B In rare cases there may be an over saturation of red in skin tones that will require removal with a qualifier or desaturation in post.

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