Get the Perfect Look For Your Canon LOG 3 Footage with my CLOG 3 Cinema Conversion LUT

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Get the perfect look for your Canon LOG 3 Footage in just one click. This LUT produces a high quality, commercially acceptable final look to your footage in just a single mouse click.  Something you could have only ever dreamed about before has been made possible with my Canon LOG 3 Cinematic LUT.
Play the short below to see the LUT in action.


Get the perfect look for your videos and make your footage pop! Transform your Canon CLOG 3 footage into stunning visuals with my Canon LOG 3 CINEMA LUT. 

Hey friend, Michael here: thanks for stopping by. Seriously, I use this LUT practically everyday in my own video productions. Whether you are shooting on the EOS R3, R5, R6 and R5C or Canon CINE line Cameras, this LUT is a true game changer and major time saver.

It allows you to shoot in LOG 3 and get the most out of your cameras dynamic range, utilising Canon's LOG 3 capabilities to maximise image quality, increase shadow detail and improve highlight rolloff without the hassle of heavy post colour work to bring it back to a quality looking final image. It will honestly save you hours of work whilst still producing exceptional results.

See for yourself the exact results in the before and after shots below (hit refresh on this page if there's nothing showing up yet) and it's equally as good at converting footage shot indoors too, as can be seen in the second frame below (refresh page if you can't already see the images).

More information and use cases:

Developed specifically for the Canon mirrorless lineups in the R3, R5, R6 and R5C, this LUT will give you a perfect grade for your YouTube videos, corporate and commercial pieces in just one click. Get the look you want for your videos and make your footage pop with this easy-to-use LUT that works with any NLE, including Davinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and more.

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