Hey, it's Michael

I'm a director of photography, cinematographer, and video creator who's had the privilege of working with some of Australia's biggest brands like Metricon, Coral Homes, Fujifilm, the Gold Coast Titans and Origin Energy.

I focus on authentic storytelling through engaging video and photography creation; ensuring your messaging, vision, and lifestyle align seamlessly to empower you to effectively communicate to your audience.

I also take pride in helping other creators just like you streamline their workflow, marketing, and content creation. Through my valuable know-how; much of which I share from time to time on my YouTube channel and to a select group of students, I empower others to work smarter, not harder - all whilst charging more for their services and winning more work that aligns to their values and future gaols.

About My YouTube Channel

I started my YouTube channel as a creative outlet and as a way to give back to the growing filmmaking community what I had learnt in successfully getting my production company up and running.

One of my mantras is that as creatives we should never stop creating and this has been something that has been a common theme on my video content - I aim to inspire and encourage others to keep creating and keep getting better at their craft.

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About My Consultations

Having transitioned from design engineering to video creator and creative consultant myself, I've honed effective systems through real experience, investing time and dedication with my strong roster of multi-national clientele.

Of course, I’m an artist first and foremost - but I just can’t help building into others' journeys, and I love to see up and coming creatives succeed in all that they do.

Currently, I'm not taking on any more students due to ongoing video production projects. However, if you believe your case is unique, don't hesitate to reach out. Let's chat and see how I can assist you on your creative journey. 🎥🚀