Michael Drowley Video Client Consultant Melbourne

I help other creators forge a pathway toward making their first $100,000 or seeing their first $100,000 in revenue in a single year.

 In order to help my clients achieve this, I focus on three main objectives;

1. Develop Consistency

Regardless of quality or strategy, consistency of content is one of the key aspects to grow in any video business. Like me, many of us grew up watching sitcoms on television every week without missing an episode: a lack of consistency is really the only barrier left to develop consistent growth.
I assist my clients to develop their shoot and editing schedules to ensure that they can continue to produce content consistently over a long period of time without burning out or giving up.

2. Improve Quality

No matter my clients current stage in their video production journey - perhaps they are beginner level - or even if they have been doing video for a while, I bring clarity around how to produce quality video time and time again. I am happy to dive as deep as necessary into frame rates and depth of field settings, set design and video edit structure to ensure the best possible outcomes in terms of quality that my clients can achieve with their current equipment and skillset. I work with them long term to achieve continuous improvement in their video production endeavours.

3. Content Strategy

Despite our best efforts to properly structure our video creation we all have biases that lead us to create content that may not fully align with our audiences. I assist my clients to develop and refine their strategy for video so that it works seamlessly towards the desired outcomes for their specific niche.
This assistance has the potential to supercharge results and propel you forward in terms of content effectiveness and growth, especially online.