Canon LOG CINE VLOG LUT 1.0 .cube

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My GO TO Vlogging and Piece to Camera LUT for Canon Log Footage.


My CLOG CINE VLOG LUT.cube file for use in any NLE.

My CINE VLOG LUT works in the following NLE's; Davinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and more.

I developed this LUT to get a solid grade for my VLOGS and YouTube piece to cameras straight out of the box for Canon Log captured footage in just one click - here are my recommended shoot settings;

  1. Canon Log - EOS Original Colour Matrix
  2. Characteristics at 0 sharpening, 0 saturation ,0 hue. 
  3. Shoot in an ALL-I codec.
  4. 400 ISO
  5. Expose for skin between 30% and 40% IRE

Important to get white balance as close as possible in camera.

NB: There is no post sharpening or creative vignette on this LUT. For those additional items required to match my VLOG look, you will either need to add them after you apply the LUT or check out my Colour Grading Preset Bundle's which has those elements already included.

Below is a video I did on using Canon LOG on the EOS R