Purchase my Canon LOG Cine VLOG LUT Preset Packs

Canon LOG CINE VLOG LUT 1.0 + Grading Preset Bundle

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My GO TO Vlogging and Piece to Camera LUT for Canon Log Footage.


My CLOG CINE VLOG LUT.cube file can be purchased as a .cube file on my main shop page for use in any NLE but here you're opting to purchase the Davinci Resolve Node Grade preset bundle or the Premiere Pro CC Lumetri Grade Preset bundle.

This includes the following variants to choose from;

  1. Davinci Resolve CLOG CINE VLOG DISPLAY LUT Pack (includes .cube LUT & Resolve .drx Node Graph files)
  2. Adobe Premiere Pro CLOG CC CINE VLOG DISPLAY LUT Pack (includes .cube LUT & Premiere .prfpset Lumetri Preset files)

I developed these presets to get a solid base grade out of Canon Log footage in a single click and here are my recommended shoot settings;

  1. Canon Log - EOS Original Colour Matrix
  2. Characteristics at 0 sharpening, 0 saturation ,0 hue. 
  3. Shoot in an ALL-I codec.
  4. 400 ISO
  5. Expose for skin between 30% and 40% IRE

Important to get white balance as close as possible in camera.


Below are some screenshots of what the Resolve and Premiere Colour Presets included with this bundle look like once installed on your system

Premiere Lumetri Preset

Resolve Power Grade Node Graph