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This is my Canon LOG Creative LUT bundle including 7 specific LUTS to give you a solid cinematic and creative grade for your LOG footage in a single click. That's right, I've developed these for use straight on top of Canon LOG footage such as that coming from the EOS R, 5D Mark IV, R5, R6, 1DXMIII and the Canon CINE line cameras that shoot in the Clog 1 profile. The can also be used on top of REC709 footage shot in a flat or Neutral profile by lowering the opacity of the applied LUT. This was a game changer for me once I created and began using these Creative LUTS so I wanted to provide them to you so they could assist you as well.

This Includes the following Canon LOG Creative LUTS;
1. Canon LOG1 to REC709 - LOOM
2. Canon LOG1 to REC709 - MIDNIGHT
3. Canon LOG1 to REC709 - MOON
4. Canon LOG1 to REC709 - MOONLIGHT
5. Canon LOG1 to REC709 - SUMMER
6. Canon LOG1 to REC709 - SUN
7. Canon LOG1 to REC709 - SUNLIGHT

*Note: Working with these LUTs requires that you have shot and exposed correctly for cLOG on Your specific camera.

My recommended shot settings for these LUTS are;
  1. Canon Log - Neutral Colour Matrix
  2. Characteristics at 0 sharpening, 0 saturation ,0 hue. 
  3. Shoot in an ALL-I codec.
  4. 400 ISO
  5. Expose for skin between 30% and 40% IRE

Important to get white balance as close as possible to correct in camera.

NB: There is no post sharpening or creative vignette on these LUTs. For those additional items, you will need to add them after you apply the LUTs or check out my Transform CINE LUTS 2.0 Colour Grading Preset Bundle's for Davinci Resolve and Premiere, available on my shop page, which have those elements included in the node tree or via the Lumetri Preset panel.